Ok, this title might have been chosen only for you to click, but believe might, it might be useful. Many of us tend to find our code beautiful.

I’m the best example, I try to go through any I write again and again just to have it the way I want it. And I tend to think it’s perfect, but sometimes it’s not.

Your code is never good enough

You should never think what you did is great. If it took you many times to arrive to such a result, well you’ll always find someone that can do it faster.

I’m not saying you should not aim for quality, I’m mostly saying you should not rest yourself. In my career, I met a lot of old developers who tend to think they know the best way to do things.

One example I had a few days ago : I was surprise there was no test in a mobile project for one of my client. The dev answered exactly : I don’t think it is necessary to do tests on the front end. It does not break anything in the application and we can easily change it if we find a bug. For those who are wondering, we are talking about an iOS app …

All I’m saying, basically, is : Do not listen to the voice saying you do not need to change, you do everything right. It’s a nice thing to hear, but you should not abuse it.

Let other be the critics

Lose the ego. Seriously, it does not help you in any way. I tend to listen to every critics and answer it like this :

In the every day work, this means you should always answer, politely of course, any review, but also try to learn from any. This also works the other way : try to review your team mates stuffs. Do not be shy, anything you say is good : If you are right, then you’ll share your experience, and if you are wrong, you’ll learn something. It is only a question on how you say it.

Any day is another day

Have you ever laid in your bed just before falling to sleep and thought about your day : You felt you had not met your team mates expectations ? Or worse, you found you were too strong for the one you were working with ? In any case, this should not bother you and prevent you from having a good night sleep.

If you believe you are better than your colleague, your every day goal should be to help them learn something new so that they can work faster and better. You do not bring much value if you cannot share it.

If you find yourself not good enough, this is even easier : There is no such thing as a genius, time always takes the best of us. If you decide you’ll learn something new every day, you’ll always be better. This is the best path to keep up the level !

That’s it. I hope you enjoy my little thoughts, and do not hesitate to give some feedbacks.