Ok, I admit, I’m a big football fan. But I think the fact that I played all those years has made me able to learn some useful things that can be use in the work environment. I have found it you can easily spot those who played in a sport team when they were young : Those people tend to know the value of the team, and that it is always greater than the sum of the individual strengths. I’ll try in this article to detail three rules I find useful in the work environment, rules you can read in all sport newspapers :)

We all win, we all lose

For those who have played in a football team, or even in any sport team, you all know that. There is no such thing as a personal victory. In a startup environment, it means you should always congratulate your team mates, push them to thrive to something even better. On the other end, people can make mistake, just like anyone can miss a penalty. You should never blame someone for his mistake, but you should always investigate so it does not happen again. It is important that you learn as a team from your mistakes. Also, be aware you should not keep someone outside of the team. You should have everyone commit to what you are doing. The worst thing you can have is someone felling like an outcast. His or her code might not be so bad, but it can break when there is a lack of confidence and knowledge about the overall project. In football, you can always hear specialists saying : “He is not bigger than the club”. This means, there is no such thing as a key player. You should not have anyone in your team put above the others because of what they do :

It is always the coach’s fault

In football, this is always the case, even if you had won the champions, you could find yourself sacked the next year. Of course it is not exactly the same, but I believe some things are similar :

I believe you have a responsibility as a manager, and you should face any consequences. In the work place, this means you should drive them and be prepare to stay put, and do not blame anyone but you.

Focus on your team and the next game

As I just said, you should not blame the players. Even better : You should always protect the team. There is no such thing as a best place to work, I strongly believe you make your own place, and the best way to make it better, it is when you let people get involved in the decisions. You should always focus on making the best of what you have. It is not a bad thing to spot flaws, but it is always better to talk about it so you can solve them. And do not forget : Bring croissants in the morning.