A trendy design

All new jobs in design talk about UX design, UI design, design thinking… With honesty do you know how to make the difference? Schools are late in learning new technologies, de facto only few formations train student on that specialisation. To be clear, if becoming a designer is an abstract notion for most of people whose imagine someone drawing figures and samples on photoshop, becoming an UX designer seems to be highly mysterious. ( Do you think “UX” is a code for Unknown eXtravaganca??) “Design, this is weird”, “oh my gosh, this is too fashionable?!”, “I love, I find that too beautiful but really useless “. Popularised the word “design” contribute to destroy any limits of its definition. Design define everything and nothing, a Boeing 737 and a necklace in fimo clay. Before understanding UX design, we need to define what is design? The word: design, have a double meaning. First sense is to have a goal, to conceive an object who must be functional (dessein). The second meaning is sketching your idea (dessin). If your design bring to the fore aesthetic against function, is a proof meaning that you have failed! This can make a good decoration without any consideration for the function attributed to the object and its user. Don’t get you wrong: a function don’t need to be material, it can be psychological, physic, based on a public interest, or a marketing’s aim.

Create experience

For UX Designer the main goal is creating experience. The discipline nowadays is attached to web design, but when mini-tel still existed, user experience design already existed. Before tea party, to have chocolate on a toast we have to rasp chocolate, now there is chocolate spread and some chocolate chip into butter.

How to become a designer ?

How to become a designer ?

Before when we wanted ketchup Heinz it bursted from everywhere, now it flows by itself.

How to become a designer ?

Until few years women could urinate only seated.

How to become a designer ?

Before we have been drinking tea and that was it, now my mug changes its appearance.

How to become a designer ?

Until few years, we must buy a vase already done, now I can make my vase with the sound of my voice.

How to become a designer ?

François Brument, Flexion

Until few years, we need go to the museum to admire objects, now the museum opens a scene of crime where I am a detective who find the criminal thank to the pieces of arts and craft arts exposed in the gallery.

How to become a designer ?

Double jeu, palais de Tokyo

Creating experience is essential in any work related to design. The goal of industrial revolution is to make life easier, the role of the designer is to pursue this goal with creations which combine aesthetic and experience imagined beforehand. The object is to identify a need, in order to create a use, or a path that will captivate it. make their experiences easier is not the only common point between industry and design; Time is a second point. Indeed, be in time for the user is essential it is necessary to know to predict these actions and to build a path of rhythm use, for giving him the possibility of earning money (time is money) go fast, slowing down, offering the time of the contemplation. The designer shows his small pebbles and guide the user. What he wants to avoid is to annoy him in a society where entertainment is omnipresent.

So, why Ux design refers to web and apps conception?

Web interface is flat, its content isn’t seizable, the lack of volume and concrete physical representation for the user involves in consequence the creation of an experience, to reassure, to familiarize, to convince, to bring an emotion. Because thinking on the user upstream the production, is a way to humanizing the digital tool by working on the benefit provided by its use. One of the first user experiences is the discovery of the tactil, Smartphones and tablets have invented some new gestures of everyday life and symbolically creates a link between the user and his object in the metaphor of caress. Become abrupt, there is little chance that the phone enjoy it. This is not a coincidence if the emotional impact is all at once the beginning and the finality of a project.

But concretely what are the steps to create?

What principles are put in order to enhance the user experience?


How to become a designer ?

Phone alarm already exist in the composition of every phone, but this designer find it too aggressive, so he want to design his perfect graphic idea of an alarm clock with a pure design. We can thought that is useless but when you’re waking up in the morning you, with something full of light you will be happy to wake up slowly without any aesthetic inconvenient.


How to become a designer ?

The convention in UI design is to make squares or figures with right angles. we suppose, they are modern or practical, but reflect rigorisity. User is a sensitive person who prefer frequently keep originality against normality.


How to become a designer ?

One guy who obviously like so much UI, that he decide to create his portfolio as an app. Inside his app he refers to traditional media, with pleated paper animation for example.

Strange/good idea

How to become a designer ?

It’s basically the ability to know you’re dreaming, as you’re dreaming. This apps help you to remember your own dream. Guide you to write them on a dreaming journal for remind you them later. this is a kind of Surréalist apps concept.

To sum up

Imagine before create could be the designer’s motto. Desire to learn his target, popularize a brand, control the time, create emotional design is the designer passion. This prez underlines an ideal way of producing design, but creation and knowledge of user habits, is not easy, and the designer should work continually on his creativity to be different from the others.