If your goal is to become a web developer after a bootcamp, you must be looking for a internship. Lucky me I found one at Umanlife which helps me to become a better web developper.

Every startups value their working environment

In a start-up, the environnement allows the well-being and relaxation of the employees.The ping-pong table, the large sofa, the fitness gym and the open space are there to build the perfect working place. The team is as young as welcoming where the CEO is still very accessible. The whole company is concentrating its strengths on the development of their product which represents their passion, such as wellness and health coaching at Umanlife. Let us illustrate this point a little. Large balloons are available as a chair to work his abdominals or even on Thursday morning, it is intensive sport for the entire team. Likewise, the kitchen available allows you to eat according to your needs and respect your pathology if you have one. For example, one of the employees is allergic to gluten so the team made pancakes without gluten but we still need to work on it.

Dedication as a key of improvement

You may wondering when I talk about work. As witness, I see the result of the team of Fortnightly people where nobody is checking how many hours they have done during the day. Furthermore, everybody is force of proposal even the interns which is not so usual in big companies. A weekly meeting points the progress of the past week, the blocking points if any, and the future advances to come for the incoming week. This time allows anybody to confront new ideas to bring to the project. For example, in one of the scrum meetings, the question arises what was the needs of the developers to facilitate their work. My mission was to work on a bot which notifies activities generated by GitHub. I undertook the search to find tasks that could be automated by bot. After gathering information, I made proposals which were going to be my new tasks to achieve.

Be a team, think as a team

One of the most important lesson Matthieu Rondeau, CTO at Umanlife, gave me was to ask questions whenever you need it. You must gather all the information you need from blogs or stackoverflow. At Umanlife, each developers share his knowledge and help each other when some of us face an issue. It can be by Slack or simply by coming by the colleague. Sometimes it is just to see how progress your colleagues on their projects. To me, working like pair programming, which happens more often on Fridays, was absolutely helpful because I see how a web developer solves the problem with questions you should ask yourself to be more efficient in your problem solving. Of course, before asking questions, if you do not know the technology you must get your hands dirty first. Indeed, when I arrived, I needed to take time to learn by myself the technology used by the team such as ES6, because I never used it. Also, you will be lucky to work on different tasks. For exemple, I need to pause my work for a moment to write the API documentation because it was a priority for the developer at the moment. Every opportunity is a way to learn.


I am glad to know now how a web developer is working in the real world and what a company can expect of him. One of the good part to be a web developer in a startup is you must be learning continuously even if it is out of your comfort zone. You should love stress of not finding the solution right away, having fun looking for it and asking questions if you need help. Thanks to Matthieu to consider me as part of the team and to give me a challenging mission to push me to the limits.